For the purpose of providing more transparent information on activities of the Indian Ocean MOU, the Port State Control Committee decided to publish the PSC inspection data on the web-site. The inspection database under this section has been developed for providing the facilities to make search and view the results of inspections conducted by the member Authorities of the Indian Ocean MOU on Port State Control.
======== DISCLAIMER ========

The Indian Ocean Computerized Information System (IOCIS), for the Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control in the Indian Ocean Region, is developed and hosted by the National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India, as per direction of the IOMOU Secretariat. The IOCIS is aimed to collect Port State Control (PSC) inspection data from the Indian Ocean MOU member Authorities and to provide information exchange of PSC data within/outside the region.

This public access to the inspection data in the web-site, provides publication of actual PSC data stored in the database in a real-time mode.

Australia being a member of two MOUs, namely, Asia Pacific MOU as well as Indian Ocean MOU, South Africa being a member of two MOUs, namely, Abuja MOU as well as Indian Ocean MOU, Oman being a member of two MOUs, namely, Riyadh MOU as well as Indian Ocean MOU shares their PSC data with both MOUs and so when considering a world picture, duplication of data is possible. Deficiencies for which a ship is detained may not necessarily be related to the matters covered by the certificates issued by the Recognised Organization. The Indian Ocean MOU (its Member Authorities, the Secretariat and IOCIS Manager) will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or harm resulting from the use of information contained in this database, or of any reliance on its accuracy, completeness or timeliness, although, every effort is being made to provide accurate data.

The data obtained from this site should not be used for any commercial purposes, reproduced in any other sites or any publications without prior permission by the Indian Ocean MOU.

If you have any queries regarding data or access to the site or site particulars please contact Indian Ocean MOU Secretariat by e-mail -----

Notice: The Secretariat will extract the statistics for the year 2017 by first week of February 2018. For the purpose of ensuring accuracy and correctness of the statistics, should there be a question regarding the PSC data of the year 2017, parties or individuals concerned are requested to inform the Secretariat not later than 31 January 2018 for verification or correction; otherwise the corrections would not be reflected in the annual statistics being published in the 2017 Annual Report.

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