IOMOU Ratios for NIR


IOMOU comparison Ratio for NIR

(w.e.f 04.04.2024)
IOMOU Ratios Permissible Limits
Below Average Average Above Average
IOMOU Deficiency Ratio (without ISM weightage) 1.8401 (0.9X) 2.0445 (X) 2.2490 (1.1X)
IOMOU Deficiency Ratio (with ISM weightage) 2.0896 (0.9Y) 2.3218 (Y) 2.5540 (1.1Y)
IOMOU Detention Ratio 0.0403 (0.99Z) 0.0407 (Z) 0.0411 (1.01Z)
IOMOU RO Related Deficiency Ratio 0.0080 (0.99R) 0.0081 (R) 0.0082 (1.01R)
IOMOU RO Related Detention Ratio 0.00275 (0.99S) 0.00278 (S) 0.00281 (1.01S)

Note : IOMOU NIR Ratios are valid till next update likely by April 2025.

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