Sr.No. Member Authority Circular Letter and Subject
1 Australia
2 Bangladesh
  • CL.4239 (27 March 2020) --Information on certificates, MSMD, employment, surveys, audits and Port State Control Measures
3 Comoros
4 France
5 India
6 Iran
7 Kenya
8 Madagascar
9 Maldives
10 Mauritius
  • Technical Circular No: 91/2020 --Mauritius Merchant Shipping Notice, MSN-18/2020 Reg. Vessels and Seafarer's certificates during the Covid-19 Pandemic
11 Myanmar
12 Oman
13 South Africa
14 Sri Lanka
  • CL.4237 (25 March 2020) --Guidance relating to certificates and contract of employment of Seafarers
  • CL.4237/Add.3 (28 April 2020) --General information on further measures adopted by the Government of Sri Lanka due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • CL. 4237/Add.4 (18 May 2020) --MSN 04/2020-Amendment to the MSN02/2020-Revised
  • CL.4237/Add.14 (23 October 2020) --General information on further steps adopted by the Government of Sri Lanka in order to extend the certificates of seafarers in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
  • Circular Letter No.4237/Add.15 --Revised General information adopted by the Government of Sri Lanka in order to extend and revalidation of certificates of seafarers in the view of ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic
15 Tanzania
16 Yemen
17 Sudan
  • Email -- received from the Director of Sudan

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